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Whispers of the Sea a styled shoot project

Updated: Mar 6

This is for the lovers of special details. I hope you enjoy it.

Kerzen auf Hochzeitstisch

The Design

For this shoot, I took on the role of not just the wedding stationery designer but also the creator of the entire project's concept. Inspired by the timeless beauty of the sea, I crafted the mood board for this captivating shoot. Shimmering pearls, the grace of seashells, and the gentle waves of the sea served as my creative wellspring.

The Creation of the Stationery

To seamlessly integrate the "Whispers of the Sea" concept into the stationery, I incorporated the famous Venus by Botticelli into the design. This masterpiece depicts a maiden in a seashell in the sea, lending the stationery a unique maritime touch. Complementing this, I chose wedding details on hand-inscribed, dye-cut shells, bound with delicate silk ribbons, and adorned with gleaming pearls.

"The Form of the Candles Matching the shape of the Stationery"

The Photography

The enchanting photos were captured by two talented photographers:

Lisanne Vreeke ( is a branding and lifestyle photographer known for her delicate, moody photos.

Claudia Fellino ( is a wedding photographer recognized for her modern, editorial style.

The Candles

The candles are hand-poured in Switzerland by Dellaemmi (

Bridal Bouquet

The bridal bouquet was skillfully crafted by Awina.

Hair and Makeup

In line with the short dress, Laura Schaub designed another styling for our model Nadège.

For the two beautiful hair and makeup styles of our model Nadège, Laura Schaub ( was responsible.

Bridal Gowns & Accessories, Model

The elegant, glossy off-the-shoulder wedding dress worn by the bride model Nadège for the shoot, as well as the beautiful bridal accessories and the short registry office dress, are from the Bridal Store Two Souls in Laufen (

Now, I won't say much more about it and let the photos tell the rest.

We are incredibly happy that this shoot was shared on the renowned Wedding Chicks site. Click here to go to the Wedding Chicks blog.


· Conception, planning & statioenry: Geistreich by Patrizia Nicosia

· Bride Dresses: Two Souls Bridal

· Candles: Dellaemmi

· Bridal Bouquet: Awina

· Hair & Make up: Laura Schaub

· Model: Nadège


I hope you enjoyed exploring this beautiful project.

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Lots of Love


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