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Online Workshop for Flatlay-Styling

As a stationery designer, I know firsthand how tricky it can be to arrange a perfect flatlay. Over the past years, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with many talented photographers. However, when it comes to flatlay styling, many of them were unsure and grateful when I was on-site to take over the styling for them. Not only because of time pressure, but also because they often lacked the necessary know-how.

Creating an appealing arrangement under time pressure is truly a challenge. Every detail must be captured to invite dreaming while also fulfilling the visions of your wedding couples.

Your presence here on my page shows how important details are to you and that you're ready to learn new things. That's why I've created this workshop specifically for you, investing plenty of time and effort into crafting this online training.

It's important to me that, upon completion of the course, you master the following:

  • Creating an appealing flatlay even under time pressure

  • Recognizing the necessary elements for a perfect flatlay

  • The art of decorating with flowers and accessories without overdoing it

  • Recognizing the optimal lighting conditions

Trage dich in die Waitlist für den Online Workshop für Flatlays ein und erfahre als erstes, wann der brandneue Workshop online geht. 

Join the Flatlay-Waitlist

Danke für das Eintragen auf die Waitlist. Du hörst ganz bald von mir.


Q: Who is this workshop for?
A: This workshop was primarily created for photographers and creatives in the wedding industry who value skillfully showcasing beautiful details.
Q: Will I receive stationery suite with the workshop booking?
A: This is a purely online workshop. You won't receive stationery with the booking, however there is a possibility to book a stationery sample separately. Please email me for more information.
Q: Will you cover flowers and decor elements in the workshop?
A: Absolutely! In the course, I've dedicated entire chapters to flowers and decor elements. Additionally, I've provided you with a linked materials list where you can find all the decor elements I use.
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