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10 Irresistible Reasons for Custom Wedding Stationery

For wedding couples who highly value elegant, luxurious details

10 Irresistible Reasons to Invest in Custom Wedding and Event Stationery

1 Satisfaction:

Your satisfaction is my top priority. In every project, there are not just hours of work, but also an abundance of love, passion, and profound expertise. Ensuring that every experience with me becomes an unforgettable memory is a core value. I'm not just your calligrapher; I'm also your advisor, supporter, and partner. Collaborating with Geistreich doesn't just mean exceptional stationery; it also means a stress-free and joyful journey toward realizing your dreams.

2 Quality You Can Feel:

As Coco Chanel once said, "Luxury (...) is the opposite of ordinary." At Geistreich, luxury is palpable. Carefully, I've selected the finest materials for you, from high-quality papers to silk ribbons, wax seals, liners, inks, and exquisite print finishes. This attention to detail and dedication to quality turn your stationery into a true luxury experience, one you can feel from the very first touch.

3 Personal Guidance:

Geistreich's stationery is your personal love story, crafted on special papers. To perfectly capture your vision, I get to know you in a personal conversation. I'll be your guide on this journey, always available to answer your questions and accompany you at every step of the way.

4 Unforgettable Experiences:

Stationery becomes a part of your event's story. Unique design ideas, materials, and your vision are incredibly exciting to me, and I love immersing myself in your world. Thanks to my experience, I have an endless source of ideas to make your stationery something truly unique.

5 Individual Design:

Every piece of stationery starts with a careful pencil stroke on paper. As a calligrapher, I understand the significance of handwriting and hand-drawn illustrations. This is the point where your stationery truly comes to life, becoming something made exclusively for you.

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6 Precious Keepsakes:

Your wedding stationery becomes a cherished memento of your special day. Your guests will never forget it. Many of my couples have shared with me that their wedding invitations were received by guests as "the most beautiful they've ever received." These incredibly positive responses truly touch me and are a testament to how special your stationery is, creating so much anticipation for your wedding.

7 Impressive Reception:

Your invitations serve as the first impression of your wedding. They spark anticipation and excitement for your event. Even the envelopes of your invitations create a sense of delight, making the act of opening them a genuine pleasure.

8 Tradition & Modernity:

Geistreich wedding invitations embody elegance without being overwhelming. To achieve this, I offer the option of designing a complementary website that matches your style. Many of my couples find the combination of traditional mail with a beautiful website ideal. These websites can assist with RSVPs, accommodation information, color themes, and, of course, your event schedule. They address many questions your guests might have and infuse a unique aesthetic and modern touch.

9 Leave a Lasting Impression:

Since this June, I'm the proud owner of "John," a magnificent 118-year-old letterpress machine. This beautiful machine leaves a lasting impression on each invitation in the form of a deep embossment. This turns every piece of stationery into a work of art that will amaze and impress your guests.

10 Unique:

Let's end with one of the most fascinating aspects of custom wedding and event stationery. Each piece created for you is a true one-of-a-kind. It's a work of craftsmanship that exists only once in the world. Every invitation or stationery suite is specially designed for your celebrations. Your personality, style, and story are woven into every detail. It's a keepsake for eternity.


Wedding and event stationery are far more than just paper; they are the means to capture your personality and your story in beautiful works of art. With Geistreich, I offer you unique, handcrafted stationery of the highest quality. This stationery not only makes the perfect first impression but also serves as a valuable keepsake. It's about creating memories and fulfilling your desires. It's a journey that tells your story and celebrates your love.

Are you ready?

Lots of Love,


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