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For Wedding Stationery as unique as your lovestory

" create a wedding suite that honors your special day.."

Why Geistreich?

At Geistreich, every illustration and calligraphy script is meticulously hand-drawn, written, and designed, resulting in a wonderfully cohesive look. Each detail is crafted with love, turning your invitations into works of art that make your wedding truly exceptional and unforgettable.

Let's bring your vision to life together and create a truly enchanting wedding stationery experience.

When it comes to a wedding, we celebrate love in its purest form.

We don’t only want to show our families and friends how much we love our partner, but also how much we care and love the ones we invited to our special day. We want this celebration to be one of a kind and perfectly matching our standards of beauty.  Of course, the invitations ought to honor these standards too. 

Imagine receiving - amongst all your stale-grey newspapers and bills - an exquisitely beautiful, handwritten envelope, sealed with a wax stamp. The envelope is a promise to a thoughtful occasion. You wonder who sent you this carefully crafted little present and what's hiding inside. When you open it, you find an artfully designed wedding invitation, whispering tales of a beautiful ceremony of love.

This is why I am here for you… To create a wedding suite that honors your special day and your unique understanding of beauty.

Lots of Love


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The Process

01. Inquire

02. Design & Approval

03. Printing & Delivery

After you have filled out the inquiry form, we will meet for an online or offline appointment. Tell me all about your vision and your style. Within three days after our meeting you will receive your tailor-made offer including a mood board of your visions. If it meets your wishes, at this point a deposit of 50% and a signed agreement is required.

Request a Quote

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What language do you prefer?
Which invitation elments do you need?
Day- of Statonery:

What is your Stationery Budget? 

Understanding your budget requirements helps me suggest the best materials and methods used within your paper goods. Geistreich couples usually invest between CHF 2'500 - CHF 5'000.00 for their suite and between CHF 1'000.- - CHF 2'500.- for their day-of Stationery, allowing me to use luxury print methods and Embellishments, such as Wax Seals, Envelope Liners, etc.

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