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Meet Patrizia Nicosia

When I was in high school, and the time came for me to decide which direction I wanted to head towards professionally, I felt rather hesitant… Just like a good Swiss would do, I became a banker ;-)

Ever since I was a little girl something inside me told me that, one day, I would have my own little studio. I just didn't know what I'd do there yet, but I simply felt it was waiting for me:

It took me a few years to figure out what my passion is, and I tried a lot of new things in the process. Among other things, I was tried knitting for a while – each head of the family is now a proud owner of a self-knitted beany ;-) Then back in 2016, I found that my heart belongs to calligraphy.

Cut to today:

As an enthusiastic autodidact, I believe that we can achieve anything if it comes from the heart and if we do it with passion. After a decade of working in a bank as a consultant, I quit my job to become a calligrapher and designer for wedding stationery. And I am living my dream, just as Mark Twain said: “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” 

So here I am, happy as a clam to be a self-taught calligrapher and stationery designer who will do anything to make your stationery dreams come true.


Wedding planning, wedding stationery, hochzeitspapeterie hochzeitseinladung highend luxury

Life in Words

love running food family friends travels foreign cultures humor drawing tv-series  calligraphy doodles authenticity bread greens oatmilk yoga coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee  workshops meeting new people brunch beautiful things around me the little things love natural colors antiques self-employment laughing ​

Wedding planning, wedding stationery, hochzeitspapeterie hochzeitseinladung highend luxury

I am curious to learn all about it! Tell me everything with sending a request. 

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