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Custom Invitation

Are you in search of stunning and unique wedding invitations that perfectly reflect your taste, style, and love, and bring sheer joy when unpacked? 

Then you've come to the right place at Geistreich. I create artistic and one-of-a-kind invitations that not only align with your preferences but also perfectly complement your design concept.


The design process includes custom calligraphy, handdrawn illustrations and color palettes that reflect your unique wedding style. The suits will be sent to your home, ready to for you to mail to your guests. Shipping costs are included.

B u d g e t

In handmade papers and envelopes, special print finishes, silk ribbons, as well as hand-drawn illustrations and hand-casted wax seals, a lot of time, expertise, work, and love are invested. And quality craftsmanship comes with a price. Custom invitations can range from CHF 2,500 to CHF 6,000 and beyond, depending on the desired embellishments. To ensure I can deliver the best results for you, please consider your investment preferences beforehand.

H o w  I  w o r k

In a personal consultation, I will discover what you find beautiful and what is most important to you. Within three days after our discussion, you will receive a personalized quote from me.

Allgemein Anfrag

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What is your Stationery Budget? 

Understanding your budget requirements helps me suggest the best materials and methods used within your paper goods. Geistreich couples usually invest between CHF 2'500 - CHF 6'000.00 for their suite and between CHF 1'000.- - CHF 2'500.- for their day-of Stationery, allowing me to use luxury print methods and Embellishments, such as Wax Seals, Envelope Liners, etc.

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