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The modern Country-Glam

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

From Cowboy Boots to Rustic Coasters:

A Wedding Styling for Couples who Love Glamour and Country-Charm

FineArt Wedding, Luxury Dining


When I think of country, images of cowboy boots, Taylor Swift, attention to detail, folk-inspired dresses, expansive fields, and nature immediately come to mind. Capturing this country feeling and pairing it with glamour was the objective of this styling.

Leaving Nothing to Chance

The concept was developed by Martina and Rebea from Awina, and it was very important to the girls that everything was perfectly matching according to their design. They had specific requests for the stationery as well. For example the coasters were chosen to accompany the place cards and a beautiful fabric banner was used as both a decorative element and a tablecloth.

A Touch of Geistreich

Of course, it is important for me to infuse my own style and ideas into a design. Under the given guidelines, I created matching stationery.

"F o r m e , c o u n t r y a l w a y s i m p l i e s a s e n s e o f l o v e l i n e s s a n d a t t e n t i o n t o d e t a i l . "

That's why I designed a delicate vellum paper envelope for this design, which was adorned with a beautiful, vintage floral painting before being die-cut. The same painting was incorporated into the envelope liner, as it perfectly complemented the design both in terms of color and style.

Vellum Envelope
Wedding stationery by Geistreich

The place cards remained simple to harmonize with the woven wooden coasters, while the menu cards were also kept minimalistic and placed on a linen cloth to add more texture to the overall table styling.

Menu + place cards

day-of stationery

To add a personalized touch, the exquisite fabric banner was embellished with the names of the wedding couple.

The Team

Concept & Styling

The concept and styling of the shoot was worked out by the ladies from Awina, supported by the talented of von Kuenzli Photography. The coordination of the whole day was done by Felix from Faytastic Weddings.


As well as conceptualising & styling, Martina, Rebea + their team from Awina created wonderful floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, bridesmades bouquets, table decorations and more.

Photography & Videography

The entire styling was photographed by Kuenzli Photography and videographed by Marvin-Memories.

Fine Dining

Gabriel from dinner_by_gabriel_heintjes conjured up a fine dining menu on site that not only smelled delicious and looked beautiful, but was also eaten with real relish.


The cool & delicious cake was made by Patricia from Boumbelle.


The candles were handmade by Emily from DellaEmmi. Each of her sculpture candles are handmade from natural canola wax.



The jewellery was handmade by Lamano Jewellery.

Rentals + Dresses

The rentals (e.g. seating) are from von Rock, the dresses from Boutique Hera in Zurich, the suits from is_moda_suisse.


A lasercut invitation on wood from my designs was made by irix_lasercutting.

Wedding ceremony

The staged wedding ceremony was conducted by Melanie from Trau(m)ung.

Cigars: @davidoffcigars Venue: @khaus.basel (The venue is a public place and is unfortunately not to rent)

Now I wish you a lot of joy