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A pair of beautiful letterpress printed vow booklets, imperfectly perfect. The tiny silkribbon is hand dyed and holds the 6 pages togehter perfectly.


These booklets are one of a kind and do have little flaws to observe for you in the pictures. That's why they are more favourable then the perfect once. 

The Flaws:

the beige color is ombre  

the impression of the blind wreath is not accurate.


But other than that, the booklets are perfect and hope they make you and your lover happy.


S c o p e   o f   d e l i v e r y

- 2x Vow Booklets "our Vows" with handdyed silk ribbon and little charming flaws

- Booklet size A6


Whatch how they were made here:

Vow Booklets - imperfect

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