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What is a Styled Shoot?

Did you here this before, but never knew what it means? Then definitely should read this blog post.

Styled Shoot von Künzli Photography, Blumen von Awina + Riccardo Ciceri + Dresses von Zoro Zürich, Location: Lago di Como

A styled shooting is a collaboration between many different service providers from an industry who present their designs and very special styling. Usually organized by photographers or wedding planners/designers, a certain style is selected and suitable service providers from the various wedding sectors are selected. For example cake design, floristry, stationery, wedding fashion, styling, location and much more.

Styled Shoot von IDO, Foto von Bringmesomewherenice, Blumen von Kopflegenden, Dresses von Ritualunions, Location: Berlin

So usually a very large group of creatives comes together and create wonderful new wedding ideas + inspirations to show couples what they are capable of. For me as a wedding stationery designer, this is a wonderful way of trying out new designs and ideas for you as my couples and being able to turn them into reality. It gives me the chance to present new trends and styles and also a prob is to have beautiful photos for my homepage and for my social media channels.

Styled Shoot von Sabrina Licata

My next big styled shoot will take place on April 21st. It will be a dream of peonies, I won't reveal more yet... :) If you want to see behind the scenes, be sure to follow the stories on my Instagram

channel @geistreichkalligrafie


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