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In love, engaged & leaning back

You have just gotten engaged or decided to tie the knot! Yayyy, how exciting! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. But where and how do you begin? What tips and tricks are there? What about the invitations?

y o u a r e m y f a v o r i t e f e e l i n g

When it comes to planning your wedding, you should definitely start thinking about your wedding invitations early on. Not only should the invitations arrive early with your guests, but the design of the invitations also takes time.

Please find here my Checklist for your wedding

Why invitations are important

The invitation sets the tone for your event. It shows how much you are looking forward to your guests and your big day and is the special something that you shouldn't skimp on. You and many of your guests will keep your invitations as a memory for a lifetime. It's not something that wilts or fades, it's something that lasts forever.

C u s t o m m a d e invitations for B&O

When should wedding invitations be ordered?

Invitations should be sent out about 6-8 months before the wedding. If you have already sent a Save-the-Date card, it is sufficient to send the invitations about 4-6 months before your wedding celebration. I recommend ordering the invitations no later than 9 months before your wedding.

C u s t o m m a d e invitations for B&O

Custom Made Invitations

If you choose custom wedding invitations from Geistreich, the design and creation process takes about two months. With this option, I will create everything extra for your ideas and needs. In a virtual meeting, we will get to know each other personally and I will find out what you like and what individual creation I can create for you, so that it is completely personal and tailored to your unique love story and wedding. After our meeting, I will create the agreed-upon design for you and create all illustrations, design fonts, envelopes, envelope liners, wax seal designs, and much more.

L e G r a n d - Premade wedding invitation

Premade wedding Invitations

If you don't have as much time, I recommend choosing pre-designed wedding invitations. These will be personalized for you with your names, colors, texts, and special finishes, and will be delivered to you within two weeks after you have approved the design. You can also personalize and adjust a lot, but the basic design of the invitation is already there.

L a C a l l i g r a f i a - Vordesignte Einladung


When it comes to the design of invitations, I always ask at the beginning how much budget you have planned. Knowing how much your budget is for wedding stationery helps me suggest the best materials and methods for your paper goods. Typically, couples budget between CHF 3,500 - CHF 5,000.00+ for their stationery, which allows me to use luxurious printing methods and embellishments such as wax seals, envelopes, liners, etc.

Have you chosen yet?

Lots of Love


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