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A dream of peonies...

Updated: May 15, 2023

A wedding styling for wedding couples who value elegance highly.

In this blog post, I'd like to take you on a journey through the creation of this wonderful peony design. A story about 600 peonies and 8 wedding service providers.

When Isabelle ( approached me in February of this year to be part of a project with 600 blush peonies on the Music Island Rheinau, I immediately said yes, because who doesn't love the beautiful peony? And after a quick Google search about the island Rheinau, my ideas for the stationery just overflowed.

How & Why

Every year, Isabelle ( organizes a styled shoot and always strives to create something very special and unique, to set new trends and inspirations with it. This year, something particularly precious should be created that no one had dared to do before. A shoot with the peony and the delicate fabric: tulle. Isabelle is the creative head and organizer behind this design. She not only created the mood board, found the team but also conjured up the bridal styling, and the wedding dress comes from her beautiful boutique.

Isabelle: «Every single puzzle piece just fit perfectly»

h.v.l.: Olivia, Simone, Ilja, Karin, Lucas, von Rock- Feen | Mitte links: Patrizia, Isabelle, Karin | v. v.links: Bridal Couple Nace + Anina

The Team

To implement the project, Isa assembled a team of wedding professionals who perfectly matched her style and vision. It was particularly important to her to work with professional service providers who not only master their craft perfectly but also bring and live out their creativity. The result is beautiful photos that perfectly capture the beauty of the peony and the creativity of the entire team. The flower creations were created by Karin Mani (Isa's sister) with verboon fleurs, the photos were taken by Eya Photography, Simone & Ilja, the film (to follow shortly) was shot by Lucas Martin, the furniture comes from Von Rock, the wedding cake from Olivia A Cake Story, the bridal dress & styling of the beautiful bride comes from Isa IsaBelle, the suit from Mannesach, and the wedding invitations and stationery from me, Geistreich.

Flower Design

Karin Mani managed to get over 600 peonies and turn them into beautiful flower arrangements with verboon fleurs. The flowers were the absolute star of the shoot and perfectly represented the elegance and beauty of the concept. They harmonized beautifully with the furniture from Von Rock.

Hair and Makeup

Isabelle chose a flowing bridal gown that perfectly matched the elegance of the shoot. The makeup and hairstyle were chosen to match the bride and emphasized her beauty. Together with the groom's suit, which comes from Mannesach, a harmonious overall picture emerged.


The photos were taken by Simone & Ilja Eya Photography and are simply beautiful. They uniquely captured the elegance and beauty of the entire design and captured it.


The wedding video was shot by Lucas Martin and will be presented shortly. I am already very excited about the result.

Cake Art

The wedding cake was designed by Olivia of A Cake Story. A work of art that perfectly matched the concept of the shoot. Cakes from Olivia can be booked exclusively via Wedding Planner.

Wedding Stationery

The wedding invitations and day of stationery come from me. When Isa sent me the first few pictures of the location and the mood board, I immediately came up with ideas for the wedding stationery.

delicate, elegant, special

These are the words I would use to describe this beautiful design. When designing the stationery, I pursued this goal. I chose delicate vellum paper as a cover for the special invitation, which was handed over to the guests bound with a silk ribbon in a beautiful handcrafted envelope.

Hochzeitspapeterie, Die Hochzeitseinladungen und Day of Stationery (Hochzeitspapeterie am Tag) stammen von mir. , Schon als Isa mir die ersten paar Bilder der Location und das Moodboard geschickt hat, sind mir direkt Ideen für die Hochzeitspapeterie gekommen. , Zart, elegant, besonders, , Das sind die Worte, mit der ich dieses wunderschöne Design beschreiben würde. , Beim designen der Papeterie habe ich dieses Ziel verfolgt. Ich habe zartes Vellum Papier als Einband um die besondere Einladung gewählt, welches gebunden mit einem Seidenband, in einem wunderschönen, handgeschöpften Umschlag den Gästen Überreicht würde. Isa, wie auch mir, war es wichtig, eine Verbindung zur Location zu schaffen. So habe ich die Form der Fenster, die imposant den Raum erhellen, in die Papeterie einfliessen lassen. Die Menükarten halbrund gestaltet und für die Namenskarten wieder das zarte Vellum Papier gewählt, natürlich von Hand beschriftet.

Enjoy the beautiful pictures and tell me what you think in the comments bellow.



It is not easy to estimate the costs of such a project. Nevertheless, I have asked all participants and asked them for an estimate of the costs for a number of 25 guests, as well as a day's reportage for filming and photography.

I estimate the approximate costs for this wonderful project at CHF 50,000 (no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information).



Concept & planning, Hair & Make up:

Bridaldress, Accessoires & Shoes:

Cake Art: @a_cake_story_


Couple: @aninaorlando & Nace

For detailed enquiries about the project, please send me a message via email.

I hope you had a lot of fun + inspiration looking through this beautiful series.

Lots of Love


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