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Modern Calligraphy


Online Workshop for modern calligraphy. Have you always wanted to learn this wonderful hobby, but a workshop on site has never fitted into your diary? I got you! In this workshop you will learn anything you need to know to master and up-level your calligraphy skills. I'll show you the important basics, advanced techniques, as well as many tips and tricks to master modern calligraphy. In recorded form, this training offers you a deep dive into modern calligraphy. You can work through the modules conveniently from home and watch them as often as you like. What to Expect Basics of Calligraphy: Learn the fundamental principles of calligraphy, including setting up your workspace, stroke techniques, ink selection, and tool knowledge.​ Practical Exercises: Put your knowledge into practice and improve your skills through practical exercises and projects. Advanced Techniques: Deepen your skills and create your own designs, compositions, and style variations.



CHF 250.00


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